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Rene Van De Vendel<br />President of Wind and Sun Protection Inc.
Rene Van De Vendel
President of Wind and Sun Protection Inc.

Wind and Sun Protection Inc. is an Alberta based company that has been providing complete windbreak services since 1987. Since inception, we have provided over 400 solutions for clients. Our team of professionals will help you determine the best solution for your needs and provide you with the right product for the job. 

At Wind & Sun Protection Inc. we take pride in the product and services we offer to our clients. We know that our unique wind fence material sets us apart from anything even comparable on the market today. Our clientele is currently predominantly in Western Canada, however we are growing and expanding at an exponential rate. Our business is booming as more and more people and businesses are discovering our wind fence products and their countless uses.

Our History

Wind & Sun Protection Inc. is an Alberta-based company that has been installing wind fences for various industrial, commercial and public applications. In addition to selling parts and materials for wind fences of all kinds, we also offer installation services to ensure the nets are installed in the most optimal way. Our clients are very satisfied with their purchase of such an innovative product and we can't wait to spread the news and education people about the many benefits of wind fences.