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Litter fences are a crucial component of any landfill. As such, landfills have 3 main types of protection.

  • Installing wind fences at landfill sites and recycling centers across Alberta is our forte. Enabling recyclers to unload their vehicles while remaining protected from the wind not only makes their experience better, but more importantly, reduces debris both on site and for nearby neighbours. Our wind fences reduce the wind which means less recycling is airborne.
  • Litter catching fences are a reactive measure to catch any airborne litter. By installing a wind fence on the prevailing wind side and a debris catch and control fence on the opposite side, material can be contained within the immediate recycling or landfill areas.
  • Our portable wind fence panels are one of our more popular products. Used for a variety of applications including for landfills and at welding sites, our portable wind screen panels are stable and strong enough to stand on their own while still effectively preventing debris from blowing. Having a wind fence or portable panels can prevent temporary landfill shutdowns due to excessive wind and can be moved as close to the working area as needed.

Ideally, all three of these solutions work together to mitigate the impact that wind has on landfills.

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Scale House Protection

In windy conditions, it can be difficult to get an accurate weight reading for truck loads on the scale. A permanent wind fence will eliminate the excessive movement of a truck, and provides a workable environment for the staff inside the scale house.

Scale House Protection