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recycling-centre-case-study-wind-and-sun-protectionCASE STUDY NO. 1 - Recycling Center

Problem: Recycling Center was having issues with controlling blowing debris and litter. They were receiving complaints from nearby residents that un-loading cardboard and other recycling materials in the wind posed potential danger.

Concept: The Recycling Center needed to slow down and/or divert the wind to help contain recycling contents in bins/garbage in landfill and provide a better environment for nearby residents and those using the recycling facility.

Solution: Wind & Sun Protection proposed to install a 20’ wind fence to reduce up to 60% of the wind.

Result: The entire Recycling Center yard is now protected from wind, creating a nice environment that is free of dust caused by excessive winds and turbulence. In addition to this, the wind fence provides a clearly visible property division and a clean overall appearance.


landfill-case-study-wind-and-sun-protectionCASE STUDY NO. 2 - Landfill Site

Problem: A Landfill Site was experiencing excessive litter around the cell. Since the cell location moves periodically, the installation of a permanent wind fence would be impractical.

Concept: The Landfill Site needed a portable system to divert and slow down the wind.

Solution: Wind & Sun Protection proposed providing a series of portable wind panels with steel frames of 10’ high and 30’ long that could be set up around the cell, and be moved when the cell location moves.

Result: Impact of wind at the cell is cut down drastically, and when panels are installed properly around the cell, litter is actually trapped and contained right close to the cell prohibiting it from dispersing.


truck-scale-case-study-wind-and-sun-protectionCASE STUDY NO. 3 - Truck Scale

Problem: A Truck Scale was having issues with high winds causing trucks on the scale to rock during weighing. Obtaining an accurate weight was difficult and taking too long. A secondary problem was that during winter, drifting snow would build up beneath the scale and affect the weight sensors.

Concept: The Truck Scale needed a wind fence to divert and slow down the wind from affecting the truck weighing process.

Solution: Wind & Sun Protection proposed installing a 15‘ high wind fence along the length of the scale.

Result: Since installing the wind fence along the length of the scale, taking correct weight is now quicker and more accurate than ever before. In addition, the scale house window and office inside is now also protected from the high winds. The drifting snow that used to build up underneath the scale, and caused trouble with the sensors is no longer an issue as the wind fence diverts the drifts.


mining-debris-netting-case-study-wind-and-sun-protectionCASE STUDY NO. 4 - Mining Dust

Problem: A Mine was having an issue of dust blowing around the site and into a neighbouring town, causing multiple complaints from local residents.

Concept: The Mine needed to protect the stockpile from wind to keep the dust to an absolute minimum.

Solution: Wind & Sun Protection proposed to design and install a 30’ high fence around the stock pile as well as install a 15’ high screen around the truck dumping site - both locations which were problematic for dust. The plan was to place the stockpile wind fence on the prevailing wind side of the site.

Result: Since installing the wind fences the site is now cleaner, Coal dust is no longer air borne, and complaints from the neighbouring town have greatly decreased.


agricultural-netting-case-study-wind-and-sun-protectionCASE STUDY NO. 5 - Farm

Problem: A local farmer was experiencing a lack of air flow in their calf barn.

Concept: The calf barn needed increased air flow without moisture getting inside the barn.

Solution: Wind & Sun Protection proposed the installation of a wind screen on the inside of the barn where windows and wall cladding usually are. This would allow for air flow but also stop any excess moisture from entering the barn.

Result: After installing the wind screen as per Wind and Sun Protection’s recommendation, the calf barn now demonstrates a healthy environment with natural ventilation and air flow which promotes improved animal health.


farm-wind-fence-case-study-wind-and-sun-protectionCASE STUDY NO. 6 - Private Acreage

Problem: Homeowners were experiencing high winds making their yard unenjoyable for much of the year.

Concept: The Homeowners wanted to effectively reduce the wind without completely obstructing their view of the mountains so that they may enjoy their yard.

Solution: Wind & Sun Protection proposed installing a 20’ high wind fence to reduce the wind up to 60%, which will increase the usability and, due to the unique material used, would not block their view.

Result: After installing the wind fence the wind in the yard has been reduced dramatically and the yard and rear deck are now used and enjoyed much more frequently. In addition, trees and shrubs in the shelter belt are growing faster, straighter and look healthier now that they too are protected from damaging high winds.