Wind and Sun Protection Inc.


1. What is the cost of the netting material?

$0.69/ sq. ft. not installed

2. What is the netting material made out of?

The wind screen netting is made out of a knitted polyethylene material.

3. What is the life expectancy of a wind fence?

The screen has a 20,000 hour tropical UV light resistance which works out to about a 12 year life span, however, many of our wind fences are beyond this life expectancy. We see many of our wind fences surviving 15 to 17 years. At that point the netting can be replaced.

4. What applications can the screen be used on?

Almost anything that you can imagine to use wind screen for - we can make the application work. If you have a wind problem, we have a solution! Check out some of the Case Studies here on our website as examples.

5. How much wind can we expect a wind fence to stop?

The 1070 screen [our most popular netting material product] will stop up to 60% of the wind.

6. Why don’t your wind screens block more than just 60% of the wind?

If you block more than 73% of the wind, you create a back draft which in turn creates swirling and can actually make the problem worse. 60% wind reduction is the optimal target.

7. Will it fall apart if it is cut?

Since our fabric is knitted together (and not woven together like most other screen products on the market) the fabric will not fray when cut.

8. How long are the rolls?

Our rolls of wind screen netting come in 5’ and 10’ widths. Each roll is 165’ long but can be cut to length to accommodate your needs.

9. Is there any warranty on a wind fence?

Wind fences are subject to great wind forces. Wind & Sun Protection INC. has developed a proven method of erecting fences to withstand these forces. A professionally installed wind fence comes backed by our full warranty. This warranty consists of 1 year on workmanship and 4 years on material. Any wind fences installed not by Wind & Sun INC. will not be warrantied.

10. We have seen this wind netting sold elsewhere. Is it the same product?

We market our wind netting through a dealer network concentrated in Western Canada. If the product you have seen is a knitted black material, it is most likely supplied by us. Our product is identifiable by it’s high quality and signature knitted polyethylene material. If it looks any different, it is most likely not genuine Wind & Sun Protection wind fence material, and will therefore perform differently.

11. Why do you not offer warranty on wind netting that I install myself?

Our netting withstands great wind forces and our own method of installation has proven this for 27 years. We do not have control over the way the netting is installed if not done by us, and if not done correctly, damage can occur. Therefore we stand behind and warranty our installation process, but cannot do the same for others.

12. How far away will you travel to install your wind fences?

We have installed fences throughout all of Canada. Because we can install your fence almost anywhere, we often perform most of the consultation remotely (via phone or online) before the actual install is scheduled and performed.

13. What is the cost of installed fences?

Providing an exact cost is not possible without being provided with some basic information such as install location, soil conditions, availability of concrete and man lift equipment. Most fences can be quoted after you provide some basic information and our wind fences are installed in 5’ increments. Give us a call today to get started with your wind fence consultation from Wind & Sun Protection INC.