Wind and Sun Protection Inc.



Re: Use and performance of wind screens for litter control at the Newell Regional Landfill, Brooks, Alberta.

During the planning process for development of a regional landfill at a highly visible location NW of Brooks litter management was a major concern. Local winds are subject to sudden shifts in direction with hourly speeds up to 70km/h and with gusts past 90.

Original infrastructure included portable wind screens to shelter the working face and portable chain link mesh catch fences. With experience we found that while it cannot all be eliminated wind blown litter can be greatly reduced and is better controlled by preventing it from blowing rather than trying to catch it once it starts to move.

As a result, all of our portable catch fences were converted to wind screens. We have tried a variety of windbreak materials such as wood and plastic planks and plastic snow fence and have had the best success with plastic mesh supplied by Wind & Sun Protection Inc..

R.A. (Ray) Juska
Manager, NRSWMA Ltd.




Re: Transfer Station Debris Control, Various Locations, Southern Alberta.

Wind and Sun Protection Ltd. has installed numerous wind fences for use around different sites throughout Southern Alberta. These fences are for the control of debris and wind around the transfer stations. We have had great success with the fences and find them to be a great addition to our current litter fences.

Lee Beaser
Operator / Manager, Chief Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority



Re: Patio Enclosure

We are very happy with our new patio wind screen! The quality of the installation is excellent and Wind & Sun Protection's response to our input as we planned the project, was most appreciated. The fence performs 'as advertised' and greatly extends out opportunites to enjoy the out doors on our porch!

Garry Goth