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A Complete Litter Control Solution

Due to increased awareness of environmental issues and increasing proximity of landfill sites to cities and other urban areas, the need for litter control and containment continues to rise. From recycling facilities to solid waste landfills, litter control can help to ensure a clean and safe environment, both within and surrounding areas, that meet any facilities’ requirements.

In our experience, many people think that the only solution to litter control is to react quickly enough to catch any litter before it escapes. We have a different philosophy. We believe that a combination of proactive and reactive measures are the best way to provide litter control.


A good litter control plan includes having a wind fence on the prevailing wind side, and a debris catch system on the opposite side. Wind fences can be installed permanently or as portable wind screen panels in order to prevent litter from becoming airborne in the first place. Our wind screens are a mesh type material, so they do catch flying debris, however we also offer a open mesh material as well.


The reactive approach to litter control is litter catching fences. If used in conjuncture with a wind fence, the litter fence requirements are substantially less. Height and length of these fences depend on many factors. Our experience can provide you with the best solution.

Portable and Stationary

Litter control has many different factors and utilizing both portable and stationary control fences ensures maximum protection. Portable panels are easily moved around the working area, while stationary fences often have to be much larger to control any litter that gets past the portable options. Both portable and stationary fences come in proactive wind control and reactive litter control options. There are also many different options of netting to choose from. 

Litter is never wanted, be it on your site or that of your neighbour’s. Having a proper litter control system and plan in place can help keep your property clean, clear of debris and provide a great first-impression for visitors or clients.