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We would like to introduce our new Portable Panels! These panels are ideal for campers, hunters and anyone who would like to enjoy the outdoors undisturbed by wind. The panels come in a standard size of 5’ x 10’; however we can custom make them longer.

These panels are 70% shade, and 60% wind reduction and are able to be set up within MINUTES! The package comes with everything you need for these panels. The idea is quite simple: place one post in the ground, stretch out the fence and place the second post into the ground, and lastly place the 2 guide wires, on each side that are reinforced by ‘tent’ pegs, into the ground.

Get your panel today for $200.00 plus GST.


Portable Industrial Wind Control

Industrial Wind Control

 Our portable wind fence panels are one of our more popular products. Used for a variety of applications including for landfills and at welding sites, our portable wind screen panels are stable and strong enough to stand on their own while still effectively preventing debris from blowing. Having a wind fence or portable panels can prevent temporary landfill shutdowns due to excessive wind and can be moved as close to the working area as needed. Frames come standard at 10’ x 30’. However we can also build custom frames to suit your needs and your equipment. The frames come with adjustable lifting brackets to suit most equipment.




Portable Industrial Litter Control

Our portable litter catching fences are designed to catch airborne litter in the working area of the landfill requiring little to no maintenance and effort. 

Features include: 

  • 15’ high x 24’ long
  • Side and top canopy to prevent caught litter from escaping the fence
  • 8’ adjustable outriggers for additional support against tipping
  • Adjustable lifting bracket to fit most equipment
  • Choice of rear or front facing lifting bracket for limited access areas of your site
  • Weight 1600 KG’s
  • Choice of different styles of netting
  • Engineered design
  • Designed with heavy steel square tubing