Wind and Sun Protection Inc.


Our wind fences are hugely popular among farm and acreage owners. The fact that our fences are see-through makes them ideal for enjoying beautiful scenery and views without the wind and without visual obstruction. Unlike traditional wood fences, our farm wind fences can be built to allocate for uneven ground or rolling landscapes while maintaining a standard consistent height.

Wind damage to property can be a major issue for exposed property owners in high wind locations. Having a wind fence can minimize potential wind damage to your home and outbuildings by reducing the risk of shingles and siding being blown off.

A properly configured wind fence can also assist in vegetation growth by facilitating a less stressful growing environment for plants. For instance, shelter belts of trees and shrubs reach mature height in half the time when planted in coordination with a wind fence.

Larger farms and agricultural lots benefit from wind fences by installing them around grain handing facilities. The reduction in wind cuts down spoilage dramatically when loading and unloading trucks.

Facilities with truck scales find that having a wind fence helps to eliminate trucks from rocking on the scale giving a quicker (and more accurate) weight reading.

Animal shelters and hay storages can also be outfitted with wind screens to help stop direct wind while still enabling proper airflow for health or drying purposes.

If you own a farm, ranch or acreage the uses for our wind fences is limitless regardless of the location, direction or type of land use.